Welcome to UVCP: Learning together for over 40 years....

We are a Parent Cooperative Preschool located in Leavenworth, Washington.

Our mission is to build an educational foundation and bridge between teacher, parent and child, for the benefit of enhancing the child's desire and capacity to learn.

The term cooperative means “in a spirit of mutual helpfulness.”  At UVCP, everyone is working, everyone is learning, everyone is involved in teaching and everyone is having fun! Our preschool provides parents with the opportunity to contribute to their child’s education, and at the same time it requires that each of us accept some of the responsibility for that education and helping to nurture that experience.

We are strongly committed to every child’s right to attend preschool, regardless of circumstance. We are happy to work with full-time employed parents and scholarships are also available. We promise to provide a warm, safe and stimulating learning environment.  Our curriculum aims to provide hands-on learning, development of language and problem-solving skills, and exploration of new experiences in the social, intellectual and creative realms.

The Cubs Class (3-4 year olds) focuses on social skills and routine—orienting the student to the school environment and enhancing the ability of the student to learn in a group setting.  The curriculum of the Bears Class (4-5 year olds) emphasizes kindergarten-readiness.   Our teacher aspires to build a child’s curiosity by learning about themselves, others, and the world around them by using a curriculum designed for early childhood development that addresses the needs of the child, in a tactile and intellectual way.

We strive to make the UVCP environment inviting, organized, calm, and cheerful.  Our class time is lively and much effort is devoted to keeping students engaged, thinking, and cooperating.  We believe that the world does not need to be simplified for the children, but should be celebrated in all its complexity and beauty!


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